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DJ Hoppa

Stash Pocket (Album)

Stash Pocket (Album)

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And here it is, my newest project completely produced on a PO-33! First off, a huge shoutout to my friend Dale for randomly gifting me this awesome little sampler. At first I kind of dismissed it as a toy and put it aside, but it wasn’t long before my curiosity got me really messing with it and realizing how cool of a little machine it is. Second, huge shoutouts to @beatmakersboutique and Ollie for the awesome MPC inspired case they made for this thing. These POs are pretty fragile, and their cases make em super durable so I can just toss them in my bag. So I brought it on tour and every morning (when I wasn’t too hungover 😅) I would get out at the truck stop, grab a coffee, and sit in the front of the bus and start sampling YouTube vids from my phone into the PO-33, and proceeded to make beats in some old Apple earbuds. After I got the ideas down and sequenced, I’d play it on the bus speakers for the guys real quick then record the beat into an irig right back into my iPhone using GarageBand. Then we would get to the venue, do the show, and I would repeat the process. I ended up making 14 beats on that tour and when I got back, started reaching out to some homies to drop verses on em. So big shoutouts to all the MCs who took these beats to the next level! Also, thank you to my friend Ruben for the incredible artwork! I hope you guys enjoy this newest offering from me and the homies! -Hoppa #brokencomplex

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