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Broken Complex

Broken Complex (CD)

Broken Complex (CD)

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In 2011 Broken Complex decided to release a compilation CD called Broken Complex, with the artist name being Broken Complex. No, that's not confusing at all! Featuring Copywrite, Pigeon John, and many more! Free digital copy with CD purchase! 

Streaming: Spotify / Apple Music / BandCamp

  1. Intro (Broken Complex) - Mine+Us, Laz, Cleen, Max Star, Uncle D, Sirah, Populus
  2. Show Stealing - Laz, Intuition, Mine+Us - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  3. This Life - Max Star, Cleen, Laz, Mine+Us, Populus, Uncle D
  4. Get Back - Max Star, Laz, Sirah
  5. Play The Game - Jess Imme, Laz, Cleen, Max Star
  6. Frozen - Pigeon John, Max Star, Laz, Sirah, Cleen, Uncle D
  7. These Days - Seta, Max Star, Laz, Populus - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  8. Hideaway - Man-Like-Devin, Mine+Us, Uncle D
  9. Dollar And Change - Laz, Copywrite, Sirah, Populus
  10. One Minute - Max Star, Populus, Uncle D - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  11. They Say To Me - Kadie 88, Uncle D, Laz, Max Star, Mine+Us, Eraserfase
  12. Don't Hate On My 808 - Uncle D, Populus, Laz
  13. Summertime - Uncle D, Sirah, Populus
  14. Stay High - Max Star, Devon Lee, Laz, Cleen

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