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Broken Complex

Broken Complex (Digital Album)

Broken Complex (Digital Album)

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In 2011 Broken Complex decided to release a compilation CD called Broken Complex, with the artist name being Broken Complex. No, that's not confusing at all! Featuring Copywrite, Pigeon John, and many more! 

Streaming: Spotify / Apple Music/ BandCamp

  1. Intro (Broken Complex) - Mine+Us, Laz, Cleen, Max Star, Uncle D, Sirah, Populus
  2. Show Stealing - Laz, Intuition, Mine+Us - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  3. This Life - Max Star, Cleen, Laz, Mine+Us, Populus, Uncle D
  4. Get Back - Max Star, Laz, Sirah
  5. Play The Game - Jess Imme, Laz, Cleen, Max Star
  6. Frozen - Pigeon John, Max Star, Laz, Sirah, Cleen, Uncle D
  7. These Days - Seta, Max Star, Laz, Populus - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  8. Hideaway - Man-Like-Devin, Mine+Us, Uncle D
  9. Dollar And Change - Laz, Copywrite, Sirah, Populus
  10. One Minute - Max Star, Populus, Uncle D - Scratches by DJ Silly Kid
  11. They Say To Me - Kadie 88, Uncle D, Laz, Max Star, Mine+Us, Eraserfase
  12. Don't Hate On My 808 - Uncle D, Populus, Laz
  13. Summertime - Uncle D, Sirah, Populus
  14. Stay High - Max Star, Devon Lee, Laz, Cleen

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