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Mine+US & DJ Hoppa

Avantgardening (CD)

Avantgardening (CD)

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In between 9-5's and shitty American life, Mine+US & DJ Hoppa have finished their debut album: 'Avantgardening: Cultivating Food For Thought', a collection of songs covering everything from daily life, politics, religion, immigration, love.. and war.

Streaming: Spotify / Apple Music / SoundCloud / BandCamp

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  • Intro
  • The Seed Sprouts
  • The Last Of A Dying Breed
  • Man Vs. Machine
  • Hasta La Victoria
  • Janus Faced
  • Tales Of An LA Draft Dodger
  • Back Porch Monkey Music
  • Love At First Listen
  • I Miss Having Her/Him Around
  • Anti Love Song
  • Thinking About My Momma To A Funky Beat
  • Madonna/Whore Complex
  • Shoot Me (To Space)
  • Suicidal Sonnets
  • A One Night Stand With Doubt
  • Sunday Evening
  • Chicanos Por La Causa
  • Break Of Dawn
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