Collection: Gavlyn


Audrey May Godoy (born January 29th, 1990), known professionally as GAVLYN, is a Latin American Hip Hop artist raised in the San Fernando Valley (CA). In 2012, she began to gain recognition following the release of her second album, “From The Art”. Gavlyn released her first YouTube video “What I Do” which went on to gain over 9 million views. Gavlyn has since released a series of albums such as “Habit That You Blame”, “From The Art”, “Modest Confidence”, “Make Up For Your Break Up”, “Why Wait” and currently “HeadSpace”. Her audience has grown exponentially, and globally, as she tours the U.S., Mexico, South America, and Europe, where she has gathered a devoted following. Apart from her solo career, she is a member of Broken Complex Records, releasing music with Producer/Creator DJ Hoppa.