To April From June (CD)

DJ Hoppa

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The album that started it all!

  1. Intro
  2. Freestyle Ingredient
  3. Something For Your Ass Ft. Cupid Lee
  4. 12-30-03 Ft. 2Mex & Life Rexall
  5. No Interlude (Sirus Beatbox)
  6. The Chase Scene Ft. Champ
  7. All Night Long Ft. Sirus MC & Akword
  8. Day By Day
  9. Excuses Ft. Cupid Lee & Iconoclast
  10. Tomorrow's Sorrow Ft. Shogun
  11. June 6th Ft. Mercury Waters
  12. Life's Equation Ft. ATypical
  13. Only OJ Knows My Pain Ft. Sirus MC
  14. Go Find An Open Mic Ft. Bias (Freestyle)
  15. The Pleasure Ft. Mercury Waters
  16. Yesterday's Events Ft. Mine+US
  17. Non Conformity Ft. Mine+US
  18. Outro Ft. Mr.