Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa are returning to Europe to promote their second album! Follow us on Instagram for the latest details! @brokencomplex @gavlynnn @djhoppa

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  • Sweet haert Babygirl salute the New Album is cool but you can make it better i know that you rap down Underdog the beat must come be up and make your voice fast & slow & high& down i know you can kill the beat say 2 dj hoppa 2 mix it up 2 the
    G Thang old westcoast touch like hail mary
    bring it 2 the
    Next level piano rap ill beat
    People love Art music push the pain out and kill the beat
    crazy on the mic with harmony
    and you win
    take the money in London Paris Cologne Berlin Hamburg Amsterdam hope 2 c ya on stage better days better days thinking about better days
    love all real broken yes we are deep&Complex smile back


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