New Album: Millieangelo - Bad Faith EP

New Album: Millieangelo - Bad Faith EP

"Inspired by the concept of bad faith, Millieangelo's hip hop EP, 'Bad Faith,' delves into the struggles of self-deception and the evasion of true existence. Collaborating with the talented emcees Johnny Slash, Marley B., Kail Problems, and Rollen Poole from Broken Complex, the EP explores the barriers to personal growth and authenticity. Through introspective lyrics and captivating beats, 'Bad Faith' urges listeners to break free from societal roles and imposed identities, embracing their freedom and taking responsibility for their choices. It serves as a compelling reminder to strive for an authentic and fulfilling life, transcending the confines of bad faith."

Streaming: Spotify / Apple Music / SoundCloud / BandCamp

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