And the Winner is... #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest

And the Winner is... #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest

First off, we want to thank everyone for entering this contest. This is a crazy time in the world right now and I hope we provided an outlet for everyone to express themselves in a creative way. We enjoyed going through the playlist of all the entries and seeing the vast variety of styles. Selecting a winner was not easy. When making the selections for the top 3, I just went with my gut with the verses that I enjoyed the most and could imagine on my album. At the end of the day it's just my opinion, and I hope everyone understands that and uses this as an opportunity to grow as an artist. I hope you made some new fans, and I hope you guys reach out to one another, work together, collaborate, and make more music!

-DJ Hoppa

With that being said, here are the winners of the contest! 

Amazen (3rd Place)

Ray Pearson (2nd Place)


And coming in 1st Place, the Winner of the #HoppaAndFriends2RapContest is:

Sammi Shyne (1st Place)


Thank you all for entering the contest! There were so many incredible entries, it was really hard to pick the winners.. but like I said I just went with my gut and I'm just one dude's opinion. But I really hope everyone had fun and leveled up in some way. Let us know if you want us to continue throwing them! 

Watch all the entries below:

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